Busy Busy Busy

My apologies for not posting a blog entry yesterday. It has been a ridiculously busy week and I feel a bit burned out. On Saturday I did some errands and then my wife and I went to dinner to celebrate a birthday of a friend -- we didn't get home until after midnight. Today I went to Palm Sunday Mass and had lunch with my family, and soon I'll be heading out to a screening of a documentary film I worked on.

The upcoming weeks and months look to be jam-packed with more activities and responsibilities, but I will do my best to juggle them all and budget my time accordingly. We only live once, right? We have to find the time to do everything and strive for the best.

To alleviate my daily blogging workload, remember that I welcome selective guest posts that are not commercial in nature and that fit my pop culture media theme, so feel free to share any ideas you might have.