Reimagining Space:1999

The year 1999 came and went without our moon being knocked out of its orbit, propelling the Moonbase Alpha crew toward exciting adventures in deep space.  The television show Space: 1999 wasn't the only science fiction that lied as I mentioned in a past essay. Now the time has arrived for a remake of the series -- or a reboot or a reimagining. I'm not really sure what to expect. All I know is that it will have a new title, Space: 2099, it will eventually air on the United Kingdom's ITV, and the preliminary artwork (above) shows the familiar but upgraded Eagle spacecraft from the original show.

The Gerry Anderson sci-fi adventure from the 1970s was campy goodness, so it makes sense to dust it off and retell its story for today's audiences. They did it with Star Trek, they did it with Battlestar Galactica, why not Space: 1999? The original starred Martin Landau as Commander Koenig. Who knows if the new series will feature the same characters, a new generation, or start completely from scratch?

Hopefully, this relaunch will be as successful as the U.K.'s revival of Doctor Who. We shall see.