ABC: Fall TV Preview 2012

Yesterday I looked at the new shows from FOX and NBC, now it's time to examine what ABC has lined up for us next season.  The network has a knack for bringing together some good names for its casts.  Time will tell if the programs live up to their star power.

666 Park Avenue - Imagine a spooky version of Fantasy Island, set in a luxury skyrise on New York's prime real estate, and you might have a hint of what to expect from this drama that stars Lost's Terry O'Quinn as the devilish owner of the building. It also stars Vanessa Williams from Desperate Housewives. I'll give the show a shot.

How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) - Despite the horrible title and the seemingly uninspired premise of a single mom forced to move back in with her mom and dad, I'm intrigued by the cast that includes Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond), Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds), and Orlando Jones (Rules of Engagement).

Last Resort - If done right, this thriller could be amazing. A nuclear submarine disobeys orders, refusing to attack Pakistan, instead declaring itself a sovereign state -- an independent nuclear power. Sounds far-fetched and prone to lapses in logic, but let's see what they do with it. Andre Braugher (Men of a Certain Age) stars.

Malibu Country - Reba McEntire is back in a new sitcom and Lily Tomlin plays her mom.  What more do you need to know?

Nashville - A country music star (Connie Britton of Friday Night Lights) has to deal with a rising star, played by the awesome Hayden Panetierre of Heroes.

The Neighbors - Talk about high concept! A family moves into a new neighborhood, but has to deal with eccentric next-door neighbors who might be from outer space. Sounds like a silly Saturday Night Live skit, but it just might work. The lovely Jami Gertz is part of the ensemble cast.

The Family Tools (midseason) - J.K. Simmons plays a dad who has a heart attack, forcing him to hand over his handyman business to his son.

Mistresses (midseason) - This show promises sexiness, scandal, and thrills as we follow the adventures of four sassy friends -- one of them is Charmed's Alyssa Milano, another is Lost's Yungin Kim.

Red Widow (midseason) - A woman tries to fight the gangsters who killed her husband.

Stay tuned for a look at what CBS and the CW have in store.


connan said…
Me and my wife can’t wait to see this new TV series; my wife is big into movies that involve fantasy islands. I just four out yesterday that I had to change my schedule at work, so I won’t be home to watch "666 Park Avenue" with her. Jen (wife) reminded me that we just got the Hopper and its PrimeTime Anytime feature will automatically record it for me! A Dish co-worker told me that the Hopper would automatically record my CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC programs everyday in HD during prime time hours only.