The CW: Fall TV Preview 2012

After looking at what CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC have planned for their new fall seasons, it's time to look at the smallest network of the bunch, the CW, and you know what? They have a couple of interesting little programs coming up.

Arrow - Based on the DC Comics bow-and-arrow wielding, green-garbed superhero, with whom fans of Smallville became familiar, crimefighter Oliver Queen starts brand-new adventures. I've been been wondering if this will hit the bullseye or miss its mark, and we shall soon find out.

Beauty and the Beast - I'm still confused about why they would want to remake the cult favorite CBS series that starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman only to make it so different (it's more like a romance version of The Incredible Hulk now), but I liked the original and the stars (Kristin Kreuk of Smallville and Jay Ryan of Terra Nova) seem to have some chemistry, so I might give it a shot.

Emily Owens, MD - Okay, this one still run of the mill. It follows a medical school graduate during her first year on the job as a hospital resident physician.

The Carrie Diaries (midseason) - Fans of Sex and the City will have to wait until the midseason for this prequel, following the teen versions of their fave characters.

Cult (midseason) - This looks intriguing too -- it's the tale of investigators trying to find out what's going on when viewers of a mysterious television show take things a bit too far.

That concludes my overview of the new shows presented by the broadcast networks at this year's Upfront market.  But wait, there's more! Tomorrow I'll examine the pilots that didn't get picked up, the ones that failed to convince the networks to give them a shot as full series.