New Poll: Biggest Summer Movie Hit

Now that you've had a chance to absorb my post yesterday listing all my picks for the movies coming out this summer, it's time to vote in my new City of Kik poll and let me know which one you predict will be the biggest hit.  By "hit" I mean make the most money in the box-office by selling the most tickets.  Will it be Avengers? Maybe it will be The Dark Knight Rises.  What about Prometheus? Use your fortunetelling skills and let me know.

Of course, being a blockbuster doesn't necessarily mean it's a true measure of a film's quality.  Great films can be financial duds and truly awful movies can turn out to be a profit-filled goldmine.

Let's take a look at the results of my last poll. The question was "What is your favorite movie cliche?" The winning answer was a tie between "Aliens who look human" and "Amnesia happens when you bang your head." In second place was my personal favorite: "The good guy always wins." In third was "Physics-defying hand-to-hand combat," and in fourth place was "Unbelievable car chases."

Have an idea for a future poll question? Let me know.