Paranormal Web Sites

This blog post is dedicated to my wife who enjoys stories about the paranormal -- ghosts, psychics, haunted places. I too get a kick from tales about alien abductions, UFO sightings, cryptozoology (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, etc.), crop circles, mystic places, and so on.  Some people take such pursuits very seriously. Personally, whether you are a skeptic trying to uncover hoaxes and scam-artists or a true believer in the unexplained, you have to admit some of it is pretty entertaining. Yes, much of this is ridiculous pseudoscience, taking inexcusable leaps in logic, but as a fan of speculative fiction, some of these real world conjectures inspire my imagination.

Here are some cool Web sites that explore the supernatural and otherworldly.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) - These are the folks who helped popularize the trend in so-called paranormal research with their successful reality TV show Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.

Eastern Paranormal Investigation Center, NYC (EPIC) - Headquartered in Staten Island, this team uses scientific research methods to investigate parapsychology cases throughout the New York region.

Fact or Faked - This Syfy show dramatizes stories, some based on real mysteries and others based on nothing but pure fiction.

Ghost Stories - Here is a nicely done blog that collects stories of alleged paranormal events.

The New York Paranormal Society - From urban legends to ufology, from hauntings and possessions to monster sightings and visions of angels, this group investigates it all.

Northern New York Paranormal Research Society - More New York based investigators of the bizarre and unexplained.

Paranormal Blog - Lots of topics here -- astrology, metaphysics, psychic abilities, ghosts, and much more.

Paranormal Encyclopedia Blog - In addition to regular blog posts on supernatural topics, it also includes a comprehensive dictionary of paranormal terms from A to Z.

Paranormal Investigation of NYC - They research the afterlife, psychic encounters, hypnotherapy, and much more.

Paranormal Magazine - The United Kingdom publishes some of the best magazines, and this is one of them.

Paranormal Network - A collection of videos, pictures, and stories.

Paranormal News - Conspiracies, spirituality, crop circles, you name it, it's here.

Paranormal Phenomena - Everything you want to know about supernatural occurances at your fingertips.

Paranormal Pop Culture - An excellent look at the paranormal through the lens of popular culture.

Paranormal Research Society - A good site on UFOs and alleged alien encounters.

The Paranormal Society - They are redesigning the look of the site to better match the great content.

Paranormal State - Forget other boring or laughable shows on the topic, this one has them all beat. Host Ryan Buell and his team bring real drama and engaging storytelling to the format.

Planet Paranormal - They boast to be the "best paranormal entertainment." Check them out and judge for yourselves.

Professor Fringe - Another intriguing site with some fascinating subject matter.

Strange State - A well-done blog on the topic.

The Supernatural Tales Blog - Yet another blog worth a look.

Talk Paranormal - This might look like an old-fashioned message board, but the community and their discussions are compelling.

True Ghost Tales - More than just ghost stories, this in another fine site to explore.

Unexplained Mysteries - Tons and tons of content to give you hours of paranormal entertainment.

Those are just some of the many sites out there.  Let me know if there are others you come across.