Pepsi Resurrects Michael Jackson

If you thought the recent Tupac hologram stage performance was bizarre, get a load of this -- Pepsi has reached a deal with the Michael Jackson estate to use the King of Pop to sell some more soda pop. They "wanna be startin' something," I guess.

From the sounds of it, according to the FireWire blog and other sources, this could be a campaign to rival Jackson's legendary endorsement for Pepsi in the 1980s. His image will be on Pepsi-Cola cans and in at least one new television commercial.

The marketing campaign will include the use of remixes of some of Jackson's most famous tunes from his BAD album, which is celebrating its quarter century anniversary of going Platinum. There will be contests, a social media push, merchandising, and who knows what else.

Are post-mortem endorsements a nice, nostalgic way to get the public to pay attention to a product or is it cheesy and morbid exploitation of a music legend whose death is still fresh in many fans' minds and hearts?