The Success of the Avengers

Another week, another box-office victory by Marvel's The Avengers. As of this writing, it has earned an impressive $457,000,000 domestically and an unbelievable additional $723,000,000 in foreign ticket sales, bringing its global total to over a billion dollars already. If it can keep it up, it is on track to steal the crown from Avatar as the highest grossing motion picture of all time.  What is the secret of its success?

First and foremost, it is a movie that fans have wanted to see for a long time.  The greatest heroes from Marvel Comics united in one live-action film, what's not to love? People want to see the DC Comics equivalent, too -- Justice League -- but Marvel managed to make it happen first.

The Avengers movie is the culmination of years of planning and teasing.  When it finally hit the screen, it lived up to the hype.

It was faithful to the original source material.  There were no major deviations from what fans loved about the comics. (The fact that Ant-Man and The Wasp were missing is no biggie -- maybe we'll see them in the sequel.) They even finally managed to get the Hulk right.

They took it seriously, but not too seriously. It was a fine line and they pulled it off superbly. The actors brought their A-game, giving it their all, but also having fun with it. It wasn't just camp and silliness, there were moments of real emotion too. And everytime something happened that might make the audience's eyes roll, the story didn't shy away from acknowledging it and doing something that made viewers laugh, smile, or cheer.

Every character, big or small, had a purpose and moment (or two or three) to shine.

The action and special effects were awesome, and most importantly, served to move the story forward.

It might not be a film that will earn any mentions as one of the best classics of all time, but it arguably is one of the best popcorn flicks ever made, and that's saying a lot. If you're looking for some great escapist entertainment, you can't go wrong with The Avengers.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why it is steamrolling through the competition.