Facebook Debate: Justice League vs Avengers

My wife sparked an interesting little debate on Facebook about which superhero team is better -- DC's Justice League or Marvel's Avengers.

I think I like the Justice League better than the Avengers. It has more of the characters I am familiar with...and frankly, like! SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!!
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    • Juliana Leshi CRAP....just realized Spiderman is actually NOT a member of the Justice League. Okay poop on that. Is he part of anything? He's not an Avenger...he's not on the Justice League. So where does he fit in?!?!?
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    • Nick Leshi Hahaha! Spider-man is usually a loner, but sometimes he's worked with the Avengers or Fantastic Four and even the X-Men. Justice League is still pretty cool because they have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.
    • Andrew Gecaj He actually becomes a part of The Avengers in the comics.
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    • Juliana Leshi Either way...I heard on the radio that the people at DC Comics have seen how successful the Avengers were and apparently are going to try to do something similar.....supposedly.
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    • Scott Adams Jumping in here... The Avengers are better because they have their core three (Cap, Iron Man, and Thor) and then a number of rotating members including Spider-Man. JLA is the same members all the time. Plus it doesn't make sense because they all come from different cities. How do they get together so quickly? Avengers are all based out if NYC.
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    • Nick Leshi Scott -- good points. Justice League still works for me because Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter are all so powerful and globetrotting anyway that it's okay for them to go to the Hall of Justice (in Superfriends) or their satellite headquarters. The only one who doesn't really fit in is Batman because he's so tied to Gotham City and has no superpowers, so him getting to the satellite on short notice is really farfetched.
    • Juliana Leshi OH MY GOODNES....did I know I was going to be submerged with geek info, I would have never posted! Hee hee. Scott, Nick and Andrew....you guys are adorable!
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    • Nick Leshi If I get some more comments this might turn out to be a great topic for my blog. :)
    • Andrew Gecaj Doesn't the fact that there are rotating members of the Avengers kind of make the Avengers lame and expendable? That's why I love the Justice League. It's the same members because they're the strongest heroes on Earth in the DC Universe.
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    • Nick Leshi Andrew, good point. Avengers (like Marvel in general) bicker with each other more -- there's more drama as the personalities clash. Traditionally, the Justice League has been pretty much the good guys vs the bad guys with no inner tension. DC has tried to change that with characters like Green Arrow, etc entering the ranks and with the Identity Crisis storyline. Bottomline, Avengers and JL are different, but neither is lame! :)
    • Jeff Singer JL personalities are bland -- and I can't relate to billionaire playboys, aliens from outer space, jet pilots, etc. However, a nerd from Queens like Spidey? Now THAT's something I can relate to! -- and how many DC heroes are billionaire playboys anyway? Lessee, there's Bruce Wayne, Carter Hall, Oliver the Green Arrow, Britt Reid, anyone else?
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    • Nick Leshi Jeff, very very true. But there are some billionaires in Marvel too -- Tony Stark for example. And Prof. Charles Xavier seems to have unlimited funds for his X-Men school for gifted mutants. Marvel has the monopoly on brilliant geniuses who seem to get a lot of funding for their research projects -- Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, etc. Even young Peter Parker found a way to make those amazing web shooters and that web fluid that would make the government or big corporations envious.
    • Jeff Singer good point
    • Nick Leshi I'm such a geek. :)

You decide!


viktorzagreda said…
Both are mighty teams who need to be lauded for their super-strengths and team efforts. JL has Superman - the ultimate superhero who draws his strength from the sun - you've gotta go JL.