Memories of Karaoke

I came across an entertaining article about a video tutorial on "how to do karaoke even if you can't sing." Fun stuff!

The first time I went to a karaoke bar was when my college girlfriend took me to one near NYU. It was the middle of the day and the place was practically empty, but we had a blast singing cheesy songs. Our gang of friends started hanging out at another bar that had karaoke on weekends in Westchester. Yes, booze was involved and made the singing escapades easy to belt out and made the off-tune warblings of our drunken friends and strangers easier to endure.

Our karaoke adventures came to an end once we graduated.  I remember going to an upscale karaoke lounge that was hidden away in a Manhattan skyscraper when I joined the real world work force. We ended up in an "American Pie" sing-off with some Japanese businessmen and their lady friends. We still had it.

Over the years I've been tempted to throw a karaoke party, but the fates have intervened -- for the good of the universe, I'm sure.  Someday we shall retake the karaoke stage, mark my words, but for now, we can just laugh at our memories of our youthful intoxicated selves singing those karaoke classics.