Songify Can Turn You Into a Singing Sensation

I've discovered the app Songify, which turns ordinary spoken words into catchy tunes. Presented by the Gregory Brothers, who have made Autotune classics, Songify is a simple and addictive tool that sets simple recorded phrases into songs that actually sound halfway cool.

Want proof?  Click here to listen to my 3-year-old daughter's Top 40 worthy single "I Love You Daddy." She's amazing, isn't she? It brings a tear to my eye.

As one of my sisters said when she heard one of my Songified ditties, it just proves how audio technology can make anyone sound decent. If an automated app can quickly turn a few words into a radio-ready tune, imagine the magic that professional sound mixers and producers can do with the shaky voices of pseudo-artists and prefabricated music celebrities?

For more great example of what Songify can do, check out the Web site or look it up on your smartphone's app store.