Another Great Day at the Zoo

I took my daughter to one of our favorite places again, the Bronx Zoo. We go there often and we love it every time. We are so lucky to have the flagship of the Wildlife Conservation Society in our "backyard," so to speak.

My little girl thrilled to the sight of giraffes, polar bears, sea lions, tigers, and even a little garden snake crossing our path. Since my parents brought me there as a kid, I never grow tired of it either. I took my daughter to the Dora and Diego's 4-D Adventure and then on the Bug Carousel, and then we rode the Wild Asia Monorail above the Bronx River and through the park's landscape, catching wonderful glimpses of elephants, rhinos, and other great animals from Africa, India, and other parts of the Asian continent.

The Bronx Zoo is a wonderful place to visit. Not only will you have a terrific time and learn something about the animal kingdom, you will also be supporting the important mission of the WCS to save wildlife and wild places worldwide.