Bits and Pieces: The Comic-Con 2012 Edition

San Diego's Comic-Con International ended with a bang. An anonymous publicist had written an op-ed piece in Hollywood Reporter bemoaning whether Tinsel Town was getting anything out of the much-hyped convention, asking if their marketing dollars would be better spent on campaigns elsewhere. He or she, too afraid to use his or her real name, was obviously tired of the frenzied annual get-together of fans, but if this year's buzz is any indication, Mr./Ms. Anonymous was dead wrong -- Comic-Con is alive and well. It's still the best place to promote upcoming genre projects. (Whether or not those projects end up being any good is a different story all together, but you can't blame the fans for Hollywood mediocrity. You can hook us with hype, but you can't hold on to us if you bait and switch with crap.)

Here's a list of some of the interesting news from this year's SDCC that grabbed my attention.

1. I previously asked who needed Comic-Con more, Superman or the Hobbit? Which movie would come out swinging for the fences and deliver a grand-slam homerun? In my opinion, Man of Steel came out on top. Warner Bros. debuted the first footage from the film at the convention and received thunderous applause. Allegedly the clip was so good that some fans were in tears of joy. The rest of the world can see and judge for themselves when the trailer airs alongside The Dark Knight Rises beginning next week. If you can't wait, you can read a nice description of the footage on io9.

2. Peter Jackson is certainly giving it everything he has as well. He hinted that The Hobbit, already planned to be split into two films, might turn out to be three. The second flick, which is supposed to expand greatly upon J.R.R. Tolkien's original work, bridging the gap between his original novel and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, might be turned into two parts. It's a tactic that worked for the adaptation of J.K. Rowling's final Harry Potter and it's a trend that's continuing with Twilight's Breaking Dawn.  Does the Hobbit storyline merit three feature-length motion pictures or is this another attempt by filmmakers to try and squeeze every last dime out of loyal fans by turning a single book, however great, into three separate movies?

3. Godzilla is back! A little teaser was shown at the convention for the new movie by director Gareth Edwards who gave us the pretty awesome Monsters. Apparently, fans are already forgetting the awful 1998 abomination and ready for a reboot that show the giant lizard in all his radiation-spitting, city-stomping glory.

4. If you still haven't seen Joss Whedon's aweome, campy sci-fi musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog online, which starred Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, the director announced that it will be broadcast on television on the CW network.

5. FOX will continue to milk the Marvel characters for which it still holds cinema rights to keep them from converting over to Disney. The studio will reboot both The Fantastic Four and Daredevil. I can't wait until all the characters, including Spider-man and The X-Men, are back in the movie-making hands of Marvel Entertainment so they can all be incorporated into the movies with even more cameos galore.

There was a ton more -- footage of Guillermo del Toro's giant monsters vs. giant robots movie Pacific Rim, news about Jessica Biel being cast alongside Hugh Jackman in the second X-Men sequel/prequel The Wolverine, clips from director Neill Blomkamp's brand new science fiction followup to District 9 called Elysium starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, news that the CW's upcoming series Arrow will also feature glimpses of other characters from the DC Comics universe alongside the titular Green Arrow superhero, footage of Oz the Great and Powerful, and much, much more. (There was even some traditional comic book news. For example, Archie comics will have a crossover adventure with characters from the TV show Glee. I doubt it will be as awesome as Archie Meets KISS.)

The buzz has been planted, let's see how much of it will grow and bear fruit.


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