Friends Blogging

The blogosphere is a wonderful place full of great ideas, interesting debates, and an endless stream of writers on every topic imaginable. I read a lot of Web logs and am lucky that many fellow bloggers return the favor and read my own ramblings. Some of the most fun is discovering the blogs of my real-life friends who have dipped their toes into the pool of cyberspace.  Here is just a small sampling...

Ah!merican Traveler - Warren Schultz is a former colleague of mine and a fine actor. His blog, co-written with his wife, fashion icon Lauren Ezersky of Behind the Velvet Ropes, offers the scoop on bargain travel, dining, theater, and gardening. If you're seeking the finer things in life that won't break your budget, this is the blog for you.

Dunkin's Diabolical Dialogue - I've worked on stage with actor David Ryan and it's a pleasure to uncover another side to his already creative personality. His Tumblr blog chronicles his poetry, short stories, and general writings, but most importantly offers a place for a community of fellow writers to share their thoughts.

Everyman Actor - My friend Timothy J. Cox is one of the finest character actors I have ever had the pleasure to see perform. He has done so much amazing work and this blog is a fantastic online journal of his auditions, rehearsals, performances, and overall ruminations on the thespian life. It's an inspiration for every aspiring and working actor out there.

The Knot Has Been Tied, Now What? - Theresa Forget, the lovely bride of my great pal David Medranda, is an amazing person, and -- who knew? -- a brilliant writer! The tagline of her blog is "Eternally single, but recently wed and now figuring it all out." It's a fun-to-read diary of the adventures of married life.

Moon in Gemini - Debbie Vega and I became instant friends when we worked together at DLT Entertainment years ago, we started a writers group, and our friendship has lasted ever since. Her new blog deals with "writing, pop culture, and a dab of astrology," and it's off to a terrific start, already generating a lot of interest.

This Close to Crisis - Jon Minners is one of the hardest working guys I know -- a strong writer, a dedicated journalist, and a loyal friend. He describes his blog as "Surviving your 30's...and beyond," and it's a solid testament to the life of a thirty-something-year old, especially now as he prepares for a huge milestone -- his wedding day!

I am blessed to have a lot of friends out there and I always learn more about them by reading their online expressions. I will definitely be writing a sequel to this post, sharing with you all the many cool blogs written by my buddies.


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