More of the Best Pop Culture Blogs

Popular culture, despite its negative aspects, grips many of us in its web, entertaining us when we need an escape and providing many of us with common points of conversation to unite us all. Yes, there are more important things in life, but at its best pop culture delights and enlightens us, tugs at our heartstrings and massages our brains. At its worst, it turns us into passive sheep, playing on our baser instincts, and yes, making us lazy and stupid. Most of us hopefully are intelligent enough to weed out the good from the bad and still find time to also enjoy the so-called higher arts and more intellectual fare.

Until then, I will continue to share with you the fun topics in movies, television, books, plays, music, and current events that spark my interest, and hopefully yours. Besides my own blog, City of Kik, I also previously shared with you some of the "Best Pop Culture Blogs" that I frequently read (Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex, Entertainment Weekly's Pop Watch, Syfy's Blastr, MTV's Splash Page (now MTV News), and the Cinematical replacement the Huffington Post's MovieFone News). Now here are some other mainstream Web logs that you might also enjoy, as I do.

Best Week Ever - I don't know if you've ever seen VH1's series that looks at celebrity news and happenings, but this blog is a neat little round-up of daily tidbits from the world of pop culture.

Cinema Blend and TV Blend - Here are two of the best sites out there for movie news and television news, respectively. These are must-read online media journals.

NewNowNext - This is a nice site that delves, by it's own description, "beyond the trends" and into some fine coverage of popular entertainment.

NPR's Pop Culture - Who knew that National Public Radio, that bastion of high brow content, also provided a nice journal of (mostly) mainstream popular stuff.

Pop Candy - USA Today's Whitney Matheson is awesome. She's a great writer with a keen eye on the genre news that piques my interest.

Pop Culture Blog - This Dallas News site proves that the world of pop culture coolness doesn't always revolve around Hollywood or my hometown of New York City (although this blog does a great job of covering that too.)

Pop Sugar's - Geeky coolness might sound like an oxymoron, but this site manages to live up to its goal of elevating pop culture news to level of chic hipness.

RadarOnline - Celebrity news, style, culture -- all here.

Stuck in the 80s - The Tampa Bay Times has a fantastic blog that examines all things from one of the best (and cheesiest) decades.

Whatever - Finally, here's a blog I recently discovered and now look forward to every new post. It's written by John Scalzi, author of the bestselling sci-fi spoof Redshirts. Read it now!

Are there any other professional pop culture blogs out there that you recommend? Let me know and I'll check them out. Tomorrow I'll share with you the great blogs of some of my friends.