My Review To-Do List

The busy times keep on coming, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel...maybe. In addition to my work assignments, managing media visits, preparing for next semester's class, looking for a bigger place to live, prepping for Baby #2, and all the other personal and professional stuff that makes life worth living, there isn't too much leisure time left, but as always I'm cramming it in as best I can.  I've promised some of you reviews of your own projects that you've shared with me and I fully intend to keep my promise.

Rest assured that I will finish reading and then finish writing reviews of all the works you've sent me that I've expressed interest in checking out. Hopefully my opinion will provide you with some constructive feedback and help promote your fine work. 

Some of the written manuscripts waiting for my undivided attention include the screenplay Why Did You Fall in Love with Me? by Sabije Dervishi Veseli, the novel Besa by Louis Romano, the novella Undead Stepsister by Debra Vega, and Heartless Cruelty by Richard Goffman. (That's not counting the movies, TV shows, plays and other pop culture happenings on the horizon that will call out to me.)

I'm looking forward to finishing reading them and finally reviewing them all.