The Drama of Jeremy Lin

UPDATED: Jeremy Lin is gone.  Boo, Knicks, boo!

As of this writing, it doesn't look as if the New York Knicks will be matching the Houston Rockets' offer to Jeremy Lin, which means Linsanity in the Big Apple will have been a short but amazing footnote in the history of the Knickerbockers. Lin captivated the crowds at Madison Square Garden, earned the cover of Sports Illustrated twice, and just as quickly as his fame rose it seemingly fizzled again due to the dramatics of professional basketball in NYC that included a coaching change and an injury to end his season.

To commemorate this crossroad in his career, here's a little fun I had on Facebook with my buddies, never really thinking the Knicks would let their marketing cashcow 23-year-old point guard go.  (If by some miracle the Knicks DO offer Lin a matching contract by the midnight deadline, this will be even funnier.) [UPDATE: Well, the Knicks didn't match so now it's not funny, just sad.]

Nick: Please complete this sentence: If the Knicks don't sign Lin...

Nick: I'll be rooting for Brooklyn. :)

Lucille: it won't have any impact on MY life.. I'm from God's Country and am a Celtic girl!

Tara: I will further mock my husband and his laughable team

Warren: they will be Linsipid

Patricia: Lin won't be able to play for the Knicks.

Henry: Lin Swan won't play for the knicks...?

Jeff B: they save money, but will regret it in a few years. Go Knicks!

Jeff S: then the terrorists win.

Andrew: they'll still be terrible.

Warren: they'll be less linteresting.

Nick: get ready for Rocket Linsanity!

John S: ‎... they'll sign Nick Leshi ...

John L: He will come back to Houston and Suck

Juliana: ‎...I will still live.

JoEllen: ‎. . . the world will NOT end.

John L: Usual the NY Market over inflates everything gets there return and then discards

David: His legend will never rise and his career will end Lincomplete

Thomas: they will just over-pay someone else.

Jordan: They'll sell less jerseys..

Kevin: They will Linstantly regret it

Violetta: They have guaranteed he's going to be a great success. Its just my luck.

Nick: ‎...they will start forcing Melo puns on the public as compensation.

John L:  Rocket fans here in Houston hate the idea he is coming back, too expensive and unproven for the long haul

Nick: ‎...oh how New Yorkers will miss Linsanity videos like this one:

Erik: I am more annoyed they sent my boy to Portland

What do you all think? Will Jeremy Lin's star continue to rise in Houston or is he indeed an over-rated flash in the pan?