Remembering Neil Armstrong

The sad news of the death of Neil Armstrong at the age of 82 cannot overshadow that positive, exhilarating, unforgettable legacy of his accomplishment in 1969 when he became the first man to set foot on the Earth's moon.

The pioneering astronaut was a true hero, giving hope to not just America but the entire world for what humankind is capable of accomplishing. He was a humble man and held on to his privacy.  Some wished that he might have embraced the spotlight a bit more after the Apollo 11 lunar landing, helping NASA market its ongoing mission with his newfound celebrity, which hypothetically might have led to more investment in space exploration. It may seem to be a letdown that we haven't returned to the moon since the 1970s or sent humans to Mars or beyond, but none of that takes away from the enormous positivity of what he did, watched by awe-inspired TV viewers everywhere.

Some conspiracy theorists still argue that the moon landing was staged and never happened, but I've already addressed that outrageous nonsense. Neil Armstrong, and his brave fellow astronauts, did make it to Luna and walked on its soil, returning safely to Mother Earth. We have dreamed that the impossible was possible ever since, and hopefully we can continue the work that Neil Armstrong and his peers began.

A few days after one Armstrong was stripped of his physical victories this week due to implications of illegal substance usage, it is satisfying to know that the other Armstrong can never have his own glorious milestone wiped away.  History will forever remember Neil Armstrong, that small step for man, giant leap for mankind.


Shayari said…
Great man pass away but his footprints are on the moon human race and history will ever remember him so rest in peace the whole world love and respect yoyr memory