Working on a Blog for Center Stage Playhouse

I'm on the Future Committee of Center Stage Playhouse, working hard to keep its legacy alive and continue its mission of providing New Yorkers with quality, affordable theater. The one word that I've been hearing over and over again from everyone I've had the pleasure to speak with about their experiences with the group is "community." Center Stage has been bringing performers and audiences together for almost 50 years (okay, closer to 45 as of this writing, but that's still almost half a century!) and we don't want to see it fade away.  We will be updating everyone on all the progress we're making and we will redesign our Web site with information about our planned programming for 2013, but in the meantime I've been tasked with creating a new blog to serve as a communications vehicle to get the dialogue rolling.

Here's what I've come up with so far -- Center Stage Spotlight, the online journal of Center Stage Playhouse. Located at, it's not a replacement for our main Web site, nor for the social networks we've built on Facebook and elsewhere, but a means to share some stories, keep you all updated, and build some conversations and buzz until we return with some live theater.

The design will be tweaked as we go along, so please send me your feedback on what you like and what can be improved. Add your comments to any of the posts. New contributors will be adding new material as we go along, and you have the option to be alerted of new posts via email.

Here's what I wrote in the first entry, "Lights Up."

Since 1969, Center Stage Playhouse has been bringing live theater to the Bronx community. Technology and the media landscape continue to change, but much of the traditional theatrical experience remains the same as it was in the days of ancient Athens or the time of William Shakespeare’s productions at the Globe. The purpose of this online journal is to foster a dialogue about acting, directing, and producing plays, encourage a conversation about the performing arts, and inspire the sharing of news and updates about all the fun projects taking place at Center Stage. We’ll reminisce about our history, debate new trends, and discuss our ideas, hopes, and dreams. Welcome to the Stage! Time to Play!

So step into the Spotlight and let me know what you think.