11 Years Later

As each year passes, the events of 9/11 in 2001 still seem fresh in my mind. I can't believe it's been over a decade since that day. The students in my class were young pre-teen children when the attacks occured. While time seemed to stand still that morning, it inevitably moved on. 

The eleventh year is numerically and visually symbolic, because the tragedy occured on the eleventh day of the ninth month (the term 9/11 forever becoming shorthand for that day and all the emotions wrapped with it) and the Twin Towers themselves looked so iconic.  One of my local TV stations, WPIX Channel 11, had used the World Trade Center Towers as part of its logo.  The simple yet evocative image of two vertical lines standing side by side are a powerful reminder of what was lost that day, always bringing back a flood of feelings whenever I see it in a photograph, on a mural, on a tattoo, in a movie.

We can never forget what happened and all the lives that were lost, but we must also remember what has endured.  Our spirit, though wounded, still has the capacity to reach new heights -- eleven years ago, I wondered if that ever could be possible again. Yet, here I stand, life has continued.  In the past 11 years, I've started new jobs, performed in new shows, gotten married, parented a beautiful daughter, and am now awaiting the birth of a son. 

The weather was amazing today, a reminder of what it was like that fateful morning right before the horror began. As the memories rush back, we must still savor the tranquility of days like this, finding the solace in the clear blue skies, the peace in the gentle September breezes. It's okay to accept the respite of each new year, even as we vow never to forget.