Can Justin Timberlake Save Myspace?

Remember when I told you that Justin Timberlake was investing in Myspace?  Remember when I asked if Myspace could stay relevant in the face of stiff social media competition? We will soon see if there's any life left in the brand that brought social networking to the masses.

MTV News reports that "Myspace2.0" will have "an interface that looks a bit like Facebook-meets-Instagram, with hints of Pinterest and Windows 8." That can only succeed, however, if it offers users something different from what they're already getting from other online destinations and services. The solution might be in the way it defines itself.  Tim Vanderhook, one of the owners along with Timberlake, summarized the new direction for Myspace as "a social network for the creative community to connect to their fans." We'll see if it works.