More Celebrity Death Hoaxes

I was one of many people in cyberspace who believed the fake news that actor Morgan Freeman had passed away. The faux death notice spread like wildfire on Twitter, Facebook, and throughout other social media. Rest assured the beloved star is alive and well.

I wrote about celebrity death hoaxes before, so this is nothing new. In fact, Morgan Freeman was the victim of a similar morbid prank about two years ago.  When he eventually slips this mortal coil someday, as all humans do, will any of us believe it?

I had previously speculated on why pranksters would waste their energy perpetuating such a lie. Here are two more possible reasons. Some argue that it's a well-intentioned effort to make a point that we shouldn't jump to conclusions and believe everything we read on the Internet.  Another explanation might be that this is a form of "digital graffiti" to see if such a fabrication might go viral and get picked up by mainstream media.

This has been a year of many real deaths in show business, so even though I was suckered like so many others, I'm glad the reports were false and Freeman is still with us.  Yet, I will take future news of celebrity deaths with a more cautious grain of salt.