Student Blogs - Fall 2012

Every semester, I share the blogs of my students in my "Writing for Online Media" class. While there is more to online writing than merely blogging, it's an integral part of the course -- and always a joy to read the journals that the class creates.  What's even more eye-opening is seeing how far these initial efforts go by the end of the semester.  Take a peek when you have a chance, follow them during the next few months, and share your thoughts by leaving comments on any whose topics grab your interest.
Tongue In Chic
Tongue in Chic is your instant access to the latest celebrity styles and reports on the hottest new trends the moment they hit the runway.

"Memoirs" of a Gay-Sha
A personal day-to-day craziness crammed into short, snarky blog posts that will hopefully be just as informative as they are entertaining.
Become Legendary
A weekly blog documenting a path to the NBA.
The Chronicles of Katie
A personal blog sharing a passion for theater and pop culture as well as musings on the randomness that is  life.
Cooking for Real Life
Cooking for Real Life is a weekly blog chronicling adventure into the world of cooking.
Miss Geek
Miss Geek provides insights and reflections into the feminine side of geek culture.

Italian for Fish
A guide to Pescetarianism, a ​diet for on-the-fence vegetarians looking to cheat a little and include seafood in their meals.

Manicured Mediocrity
A smörgåsbord of delightful situations gone second-rate

Living on the Vegge
An experimental adventure in the world of vegetarian cooking.

Empire Slice of Mind
One college student's quest for the perfect pizza in New York City

The Reel Opinions
Explore great films of every genre imaginable - no spoilers allowed.

JetSet Gossip
This blog follows the where abouts of the jet setters of our nation and the latest gossip.

Escape the Bronx
One student's attempt to explore the bars, food, and culture of the other four boroughs

Iced Coffee and Champagne
Events, sightings and happenings of the final year of college.
‍Viewing Party
Reviews of the best shows on television coupled with recipes of snacks and cocktails to theme your viewing experience.

House of Haylan
A fashionista's freedom of expression through couture.

Inspiration at its Best
This is a blog trying to give a little inspiration and motivation to the world, which can be a really dark place at times.
Who What Len
The online personal journal of the exaggerated experiences of a broke NYC college girl working a low-paying job with the hopes of becoming something more.