Trying to Bring Wonder Woman to Life

Even though we have seen many incarnations of Superman and Batman over the decades, for some reason DC Entertainment seems to be having trouble bringing one of its greatest comic book superheroes to the screen. Wonder Woman hasn't had a successful live-action adaptation since the hit Lynda Carter television series in the 1970s. Now, the CW is giving it a shot, developing a script with the working title Amazon about the origins of Princess Diana, who leaves Paradise Island to battle evil in the world of men.

David E. Kelley failed in his attempt to reimagine the heroine for TV. Others, including Joss Whedon, who eventually gave us Marvel's The Avengers, have taken a swing and missed as they tried to adapt the story of the superwoman who was granted powers from Aphrodite.

How difficult could it be? Wonder Woman is still an icon. Do the folks at Warner Bros. and DC believe that her magic lasso of truth, her bullet-reflecting gauntlets, and her invisible plane are too cheesy? Are they struggling with her star-spangled costume and golden tiara?

The proposed new CW version, which still has a long way to go before coming close to being a TV series, would be set in Diana's early years. Just as Smallville depicted the formative years of Clark Kent and rarely mentioned the name Superman, so too might Amazon rarely if ever mention the words "Wonder Woman." Fans are already crying foul and they have a point -- if DC wants to tell the Wonder Woman story on the big screen or the small screen, why stray too far from the source material?  Why not give audiences what they know?  Why try to reinvent the wheel?

If Amazon progresses past the script stage, there are plenty of great actresses who can fill Wonder Woman's boots at various stages of her life -- Gina Carano from Haywire, Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones, Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker, Alexandra Daddario from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Olivia Wilde from Cowboys and Aliens,  Evangeline Lilly from Lost, and Megan Fox from Transformers, (maybe even give Adrianne Palicki another chance).  Charlize Theron from Prometheus would be perfect for the movie version!

One thing is certain -- DC needs to start paying attention and developing its other characters for live action stories if it hopes to make a Justice League film a reality, and Wonder Woman is one of the biggest names it has. It doesn't want to mess it up, but it needs to make it happen already.