Baseball Playoff vs. VP Debate

Decisions, decisions.  Some television programs demand being viewed live, because I don't want to be left out of the instantaneous social media chatter or the next day's water cooler recaps. Sports events and major political debates are prime examples. It was a tough conundrum trying to decide what to watch -- baseball's playoff game with the New York Yankees vs. the Baltimore Orioles or the Vice Presidential face-off between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  The ballgame started first, so that made it easier.  As 9 o'clock approached, the channel surfing began.

The Major League Baseball playoffs have provided some incredibly dramatic moments thusfar, and the Yanks vs. O's proved once again to be a nailbiter.

The VP debate turned out to be a lot more entertaining and heated than the previous week's Presidential showdown, it was also a lot more surreal, like a reality show shouting match than a dignified exchange of ideas between statesmen.  Biden kept flashing his supersized smile at the weirdest moments while barking attacks at the young upstart Ryan who did his best to go toe-to-toe with the unpredictably loose cannon known as Joltin' Joe -- oh, wait, that's Dimaggio, BACK TO BASEBALL!

Tie game, pitchers' duel. The big bats in the Yankee lineup (A-Rod, Robinson Cano, etc.) were silent.  Even the previous night's superhero Raul Ibanez proved to be human and couldn't deliver again in the bottom of the ninth.  On to extra innings! BACK TO THE DEBATE!

Biden was more electric than President Barack Obama had been, but that's not saying much. Ryan was okay, but didn't hit the ball out of the park as Mitt Romney did during the other debate.  Sorry, confusing baseball metaphors with politics! BACK TO TBS TO SEE THE GAME!

Still tied.  BACK TO THE DEBATE!

Biden seems disrespectful of the young whippersnapper daring to step into the political arena with the big boys.  The smiling old man with the venomous tongue mentions more once that he was in the same room with Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan and pounces on a reference to Jack Kennedy, trying hard to mimic Lloyd Bentsen's lethal blow against Dan Quayle. Ryan, with his peculiar widow's peak, failed to unleash his own killer blow as he couldn't provide specifics for some of the proposals of the Romney/Ryan ticket. DEBATE OVER, BACK TO BASEBALL!

Still waiting for a victor.  Joba Champberlain gets hit by a broken bat -- the guy has no luck.

Time to do my blog.  Shall I wait for the thrilling conclusion before hitting "Save" and publishing my post? It could be a long night, but at least it's been entertaining...

Go Yankees!