The Rise of Seth MacFarlane

I was pleasantly surprised by Seth MacFarlane's recent performance as host of Saturday Night Live, so when the news came out that he would be the new host of the Academy Awards I thought it was an inspired choice. As director of the hit comedy film Ted, he has more movie industry credibility than some previous hosts who have had mostly television experience, such as David Letterman.  Surely he will do better than the James Franco and Anne Hathaway fiasco, and it's good to see the Academy take a shot with some fresh blood instead of dipping back into the Billy Crystal pool yet again.

His edgy humor might scare some traditionalists, but he has stated that he won't turn the Oscars into a Family Guy style showcase of toilet humor and risque jokes. He has proven that he can provide mainstream laughs as well as some sincerity in his approach.  Let's face it, though, the Academy Awards can use some shaking up and a little bit of edge, that's why I was rooting for Eddie Murphy last year and disappointed when he dropped out after the Brett Ratner implosion.

MacFarlane can do impressions, he can sing, and most importantly he can make people laugh.  Yes, he looks like Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch, but as long as his voice doesn't crack while spoofing the trademark Crystal opening song-and-dance number, I think we will be in for a fun show.