The Success of Taken 2

I've been rooting for the sequel of Liam Neeson's Taken to be a huge hit and it looks as if my wishes are coming true. Taken 2 opened to an incredibly strong weekend, earning $50,000,000 and surpassing expectations. It beat the cartoon Hotel Transylvania and left the Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie in the dust.

It's October and one would think that the Halloween-themed family-friendly motion pictures would do well, but instead audiences flocked to see the action flick as Neeson's character escaped the vengeance of the relatives of the bad guys he fought in the first film. As the New York Times not-so-delicately put it in its review, the result is "a lot of dead Albanians."

It may not win any awards, but Taken 2 seems to have tapped into some primal emotions that many moviegoers wanted to experience in their escapist entertainment. Let's see if the film has legs and continues to draw more ticket buyers in the weeks to come.