Warner Bros Victorious in Superman Copyright Case

In a major court victory, Warner Bros. studio has been awarded all rights to the character of Superman, which the heirs to co-creator Joe Shuster had been battling to obtain.  This means that no drastic changes will need to be made to make the superhero different enough from the 1938 version to comply with any copyright limitations. With a new movie coming out, Man of Steel, and the hope of revamping the Last Son of Krypton to be a central figure in the long-rumored Justice League motion picture, there was a real threat that Warner Bros. would have had to shell out a prohibitive fortune to the Shuster family to continue using the familiar elements associated with Superman without having to change him drastically.  They also now no longer have to face the threat of having the Shuster family create a competing franchise with another studio.

It's the end of another fascinating chapter in the wacky world of intellectual property wars.