Who Needs Television?

Could the end of traditional television be near? I moved to a bigger home with my wife and daughter this weekend as we await the arrival of the newest addition to our family, and we're making progress with the unpacking and decorating, but we're still without a phone and TV. (Luckily, I still have my Clear connection for Internet service.)

As a boob-tube junkie, I thought I would be going through withdrawal, but I've been too busy to notice. My wife and I have also found other ways to see our favorite shows. Thank goodness for Hulu

I've also asked my friends and neighbors for their suggestions on a quality, affordable TV carrier.  Satellite, cable, fiber optics? I was surprised to learn that more than a few of them have no traditional television service at all. They either watch all their television online or on their smart mobile devices, such as the Kindle Fire or the iPad. Many of them opt for a Netflix subscription, a much more affordable option than the over-priced pay TV packages by the big "monopolies" out there.

I asked my wife if we can be bold enough to give up television all together, but neither of us is ready for that just yet.  We've taken a step in that direction, however, and when the inevitable day arrives when we might be faced with no television as we've known it all our lives, we might be better prepared to say goodbye to the stranglehold that TV service providers have on customers. They should be forewarned and not take viewers for granted.