Guest Post: Lulu's Movie Reviews

Stepping in for me today is my friend Lucille with some Academy Award predictions and mini-reviews.
OK: Lulu's Movie Reviews
by Luicille Loiselle

Nominated for a Best Director Oscar: Ben Affleck for Argo... he has put together a seamless film with across the board excellent and believable performances... There came a very quiet moment in the film when I realized that emotionally my stomach was in a bit of a knot and that I was on the edge of my seat. Has one or two non-quality sound editing moments and yes, one or two questions came to my mind during the last 20 minutes of the film that I quickly dismissed because I think it was an excellent film. Alan Arkin/John Goodman for good supporting work too.

Nominated for Best Actor: Denzel Washington in Flight and Kelly Reilly for Best Supporting Actress! I admit I was skeptical for part of the movie but again at an unknown point, I came to understand and appreciate William "Whip" Whitaker. Kelly Reilly as Nicole was stunning in a very understated performance of a character that was not walking the straight and narrow but never once crossed the line to "predictable" "bad girl gone good," etc. AND the screen loves her and her vulnerablity and strength! AND another great but different performance by John Goodman! Don Cheadle as always stellar as the attorney ....excellent movie, especially as it was directed by Robert Zemeckis who hasn't done work this well in a long time.

Wreck It Ralph (why they didn't call it "Wreck It Wralph" I don't know..) Cute (character of Felix Fix-It Jr. reminded me of our friend Tom Beck so that part was fun) .. and the little girl is adorable but I left half way through.. nothing new happening in this film.

Previews: Gangster Squad with Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Sean Penn as Mickey Cohn looks incredible.. as does the animated The Croods.... AND Just from the trailers for Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis will be joining Denzel Washngton in the Best Actor Category. Actually, Ben Affleck could well be nominated for Best Actor in his very nuanced performance of Tony Mendez... a double threat year for Ben? Here's hoping!

Three other trailers I saw today at the movies: OZ The Great & Powerful with James Franco.. the story of Dr. Marvel and how he got to Oz to become the Wizard...Looks magical, entertaining and wonderful; The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire: Leo is a "darker" type of Gatsby, I never "get" Tobey in anything he does but Carey Mulligan is luminiscent as Daisy and finally, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit which looks like great fun and wonderful to see Andy Serkis again.

Just watched Hop... really cute and Hank Azaria as the voice of Carlos the Chicken is the best. Off to bed now... giving JK Rowlings A Casual Vacancy one last chance! Pleasant dreams!

Thanks, Lu.  Everyone else, feel free to send me your own thoughts on any of the films that Lucille mentioned, or any others that you may have seen.