I Don't Mind an Early Christmas

Many of my friends have voiced their displeasure with the early signs of Christmas while Thanksgiving is still more than a week away.  I completely understand their annoyance at the over-commercialization of the holiday. Nevertheless, this year I welcome the early arrival of Yuletide cheer. 

The holidays are my favorite time -- that stretch from November through January when it's one festive event after another (including my wedding anniversary, my wife's birthday, my own birthday, not to mention the family gatherings on Turkey Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve.) "Happy Holidays" truly encompasses the entire two-month marathon of fun!

I don't mind people putting up Christmas lights early or stores setting up their seasonal displays and decorations more than a month in advance.  It's actually a more attractive sight to see than some of the ghoulish Halloween props that adorn homes and shops during October.

Christmas puts a smile on my face and adds some additional warmth to my already sappy heart, especially this year after the chaotic previous month.  In a world that seems over-run with bickering, cynicism, and far worse negativity, I think we could all use some corny, feel-good Christmas joy, and the earlier the better.