My Reaction to Disney Buying LucasFilm

My friends have been asking me for my reaction to the big news that Disney was purchasing LucasFilm.  When I first heard about it, right during the peak of hurricane madness, I thought it was a joke.  When it sunk in that this was serious business, that the so-called Mickey Mouse studio would be giving George Lucas a little over four billion dollars to hand over all rights to his lucrative enterprise (including the innovative special effects house Industrial Light and Magic), I became excited. The Internet and fans everywhere are abuzz with chatter about what to expect.  Here are my thoughts.

Episode 7!!! Finally, the long-awaited moment would be upon us -- Disney promises to give us a brand new Star Wars movie in a few years. No more prequels, the saga will finally move forward! Hopefully they will capture the spirit of what makes Star Wars so great and not just throw a lightsaber on some unknown character, expecting that to do the trick. I eagerly await a new story, but hopefully it will build on what came before instead of just cashing in on the brand with no heart or original ideas.

What will become of the long developing Star Wars TV series that Lucas was creating? Since Disney will focus on the movies, is that project still alive or officially dead?  Personally, I hope they let it die since it was supposed to be another prequel series. Since Disney owns ABC, however, don't be surprised if some new Star Wars tales make their way to the small screen.

Disney has a strong track record with acquistions. Those of you who worry that they will "Disneyfy" the Star Wars franchise, have no fear.  They also bought Pixar and Marvel Entertainment, churning out great flicks in the hands of terrific creative talent. I expect the same with Star Wars. Also, remember, George Lucas had also pandered to the same kind of cheesy content that Disney has been stereotyped for being the standard bearer -- thr Ewoks, Jar Jar Binks, and Howard the Duck.

There is more to LucasFilm than just Star Wars.  Disney bought every intellectual property that Lucas created under the LucasFilm banner. That means we will definitely see more Indiana Jones, but maybe even a remake of Willow.

For all the criticism that George Lucas has received over the years, I respect him for all his accomplishments and for doing it his way. Now, he will retire and pass on his legacy to others.  Apparently, he will use his newfound billions to invest in educational initiatives.  How can anyone find fault in that?

Well done, Mr. Lucas. Well done.


stevenjohnston said…
If Episode 7 is set 30-40 years after RotJ we could see the return of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher among others.
Nick said…
I'm excited! I wonder if they will stay faithful to the expanded universe plotlines though or if Disney will ignore everything except what happened in the movies.