Things I'm Thankful For In Pop Culture This Year

I've already made it clear that I'm grateful for the most important things in my life -- my family and friends.  Given that this is a blog about popular culture, it's time for me to mention some of those seemingly frivolous things that have entertained me recently.

The Disney Empire -- Walt Disney would be proud.  The company he founded continues to expand, not just in its traditional businesses of family friendly movies, amusement parks, and merchandise, but also in surprisingly effective acquisitions.  Marvel Entertainment seems to do no wrong and this year gave us the excellent Avengers blockbuster, with more superhero films on the horizon. Pixar continues to delight with this year's Brave and the upcoming cartoons Monsters University, The Good Dinosaur, and more.  Disney also promises to deliver more Star Wars movies!  It's been a great year to be a pal of Mickey Mouse. Then there's Disney's broadcast TV network ABC, which gave us Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, and the good but shortlived The Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue.

Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live --  One of the newest cast members of the long-running sketch comedy series, Kate grabbed my attention from the beginning and hasn't let go.  Her impersonations of Ellen DeGeneres and Ann Romney were spot-on perfect.  I look forward to seeing what else she has up her sleeve.

Kindle -- Amazon's e-reader continues to be the best there is.  Offering a wide, affordable variety from the original e-ink version to the newest lit Paperwhite to the high definition color tablet Fire, there's an option for every taste in electronic content.  Long battery life, large storage capacity, ease of use, plus quick and simple Whispernet access to Amazon's products, it's worth having one so you can carry your content everywhere you go.

Great movies -- Even though I don't have much time to venture out to an actual movie theater, I'm greatful for the good films that are out there -- Skyfall, Argo, Life of Pi, Lincoln, and many more, all vying for some Academy Award recognition, plus the recent excellent flicks Looper, etc.

Fun music!  No pun intended, but fun is an excellent band.  I love their songs as well as Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Grouplove, etc.