Guest Post: How to Fix the New York Jets

My sports loyalties lie with baseball and the New York Yankees, but I still watch football, basketball, and the rest.  This season, the New York Jets have been a soap opera. I'm still dumbfounded that Rex Ryan refused to play Tim Tebow, even when their playoff aspirations were lost.  What can be done to right the Gang Green ship?  One of my loyal readers has some suggestions.

How to Fix the New York Jets
by Robert

What is the problem with The New York Jets? If you ask 100 different people, you'll get 100 different answers. Here's mine.

The Jets have no integrity. Heck, even their very name shows a lack of integrity. The New York Jets don't even play in New York.

And this integrity, or lack thereof, stems from the top down. If you have an owner who has no integrity, that trickles down to the General Manager and Coach, which permeates to the players. As a result, you now see the effects of a lack of integrity. Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, so are the players and coaches of this dysfunctional football team. In fact, the only good thing about all of this chaos is that nobody is talking about the epic collapse of the New York Giants (who also play in New Jersey).

So, how do you turn this "three-ring" circus around? Here are 10 ways to fix this mess.

1. Stop offering outrageous contracts to unproven and untested players and coaches. Santonio Holmes is a problematic player who has no idea what being a teammate is all about. And yet, he has a lucrative contract. Only the Jets can offer guaranteed money when the league has done everything in its power to dissuade teams from crippling themselves.

2. Fire Tony Sporano and Mike Tannenbaum. We know Sporano is out the door come Monday morning. The question is, "Why will Tannenbaum still have a job? Oh, Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum, why are you still working?" Now, rumor has it that he will not be fired, but rather reassigned within the organization. Why? This so-called "cap-ologist" has done everything against running a fiscal budget, overpaying for overrated players. Both need to go, as of this Monday, New Year's Eve. Start the new year with new talent.
3. Shut up, Rex. Woody Johnson should have a talk with Rex and ask him, point-blank, if he wants to be the coach of the Jets. If Rex says No, let him go. When your coach is making demands of the owner, he is asking to be fired. My gut tells me he has another offer in his back pocket (the Eagles), but if he does not want to be here, he should not be here.
4. Trade Darrell Revis. Without Revis playing for most of 2012, how terrible was the Jets defense? They rated in the top 25% of the league. Pretty good. However, their offense was abysmal. So, the Jets need offensive players, especially on the line and in the running attack, for their self-hyped "ground and pound." You know that Revis is going to be whining for a new contract soon, and as he is nearing his 30th birthday, he will never be more "tradeable" than he is now. Make the deal for some real talent on offense.

5. Hire Norv Turner Monday morning. The minute the news breaks the wire that Norv Turner is fired from the Chargers, get on a Jet (get it?), get to his house, and make him an offer he can't refuse. He is what this team truly needs: a real Offensive Coordinator.
6. Keep Mark Sanchez. Look, here is the bottom line. NOBODY is paying $8.5 million for him. So, to get rid of him, you are going to have to eat the bulk of his contract. And then, you still have to find another quarterback. When people say, "Get rid of Sanchez," I say, "And replace him with whom?" Which quarterback out there is better than Mark? Matt Flynn? He had ONE great game. Alex Smith? He was slightly above average with all of the offensive talent and weapons in San Francisco.
People have short-term memories. Two years ago, this same Mark Sanchez who is being villified, brought you to a SECOND AFC Championship game. Nobody loses that much talent THAT quickly. The difference between then and now? Now, he has no running game, no tight ends, and no wide receivers. What do you expect him to do? And stop messing with his head. The Jets should realize what they have, and be careful what they wish for. If they get rid of him, there are plenty of teams who will snatch him up (Oakland?), surround him with talent, and watch him thrive. So, come Monday morning, the Jets should say that Mark Sanchez is their starting quarterback for 2013, make a commitment to him to provide him with the talent he needs to succeed, stand back, and see him shine.
7. Tebow? He's going to Jacksonville next year. However, the Jets showed a complete lack of integrity by promising him he would start as a back-up when needed, and then rescinding on their promise. My gut tells me that Tebow is not playing this Sunday because they don't want him to do well. If he plays well, then, what will the Jets say? They are more concerned with press than with victories. Shameful.
8. Some offense, please. This off season should be focused on getting some real offensive talent and coming up with some real offensive plays. The Wildcat experiment failed, so enough of this. In fact, Rex's job in the off season should be solidifying the offensive side of the game. You can trade Revis for two great offensive players (at least). A #1 running back and a solid offensive tackle or guard would be a minimum to trade him. But, shore up this side of the ball, and you'll be fine.

9. No more talking. When the coach does not place any verbal restrictions on himself, the players are going to follow suit. Truth be told, we know far too much about the innerworkings of the team. When the Giants have internal strife, do you know about it? Of course not. They keep things in-house. The Jets, on the other hand, do not know the motto that Silence Is Golden. Less is more. Especially when it comes to their mouths.
10. Just win. Want to grab great headlines? Win. Want to have good press in this town? Win. Want to corner the market on back pages of the papers? Win. Want to sell out your games? Win. Winning cures everything. If you win, you'll get all of the attention you want. And, better yet, you'll get all good attention. So, for 2013, the motto of the Jets should be on winning, not on being the football equivalent of Snooki.

There you have it.  Comments?