TV Shows I Feel Guilty for Not Watching

I have previously blogged about there being "too much stuff on TV," making it almost impossible for me to catch up with everything that's worth watching. This means that unfortunately there are probably a lot of excellent shows out there that I've never seen.  Here are some of the ones that have generated excellent reviews and loyal fans, but I've never managed to tune in to an episode. I'm embarrassed to call myself a pop culture junkie and haven't made time to add these series to my already loaded viewing schedule. These are the television programs that I'm not watching, but probably should be.

Breaking Bad - Everyone has been raving about this AMC series starring Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I hear I'm missing out on a stellar performance.

Homeland - This espionage series on Showtime is apparently an emotional rollercoaster ride every single episode. I love Claire Danes, but for some reason never felt compelled to sample the show.

Sons of Anarchy - This is the one I really feel guilty for not watching.  I've heard this drama on FX described as Shakespearean in its characterization and storytelling. Sometimes if you miss a show for too long, you feel intimidated to jump in, but I'll have to heed the buzz and start watching this from the beginning on DVD.

How I Met Your Mother - Everyone from my sisters to my friends to my cousins to my godson to my co-workers rave about this comedy on CBS. After seven seasons on the air, I have no idea why I never bothered to check it out.

Mad Men - Sometimes, if a show is overhyped, I fear tuning in because it will likely be a disappointment.  That's how I feel about this much talked about period drama on AMC. I actually know more about this show from the spoofs than the actual series.

Downton Abbey - A PBS show about aristocrats and their servants just isn't my cup of tea, but a ton of folks love it.

Dexter - I just can't convince myself to watch a show in which the hero is a serial killer, but some of my best friends swear that it's incredible and beg me to give it a chance.

30 Rock - When this NBC sitcom debuted, there was a similarly themed drama that aired called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  I misguidedly chose to watch that shortlived show instead.

Parks and Recreation - This is another NBC comedy that I shamefully have never seen.

Louie - Louis C.K. has earned high praise for his FX series, but I am not a viewer.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - How many years has this Larry David comedy been on HBO? All that time, I've never tuned in to a single episode.

Sherlock - This modern BBC interpretation of Sherlock Holmes allegedly is terrific.  I like Elementary on CBS, so maybe I should hunt this down as well.

Now that I've diminished my pop culture credibility, I will go off to redeem myself and try to watch at least some of these.