Your Favorite New TV Shows This Season

My latest poll has concluded, answering the question, "Which new TV show are you most excited to see?"  The top choice was Revolution -- no surprise there, since it's one of the biggest hits of the year. I hope it continues to do well after it returns from its mid-season hiatus.

Three shows were tied for second -- Arrow, Elementary, and 666 Park Avenue.  The first have also done very well in the ratings, but the latter was sadly cancelled.

In third place was "Other," the miscellaneous option that encompasses all the other new programs out there that I failed to list as options.

Sometimes, even shows that we love get their plugs pulled -- such is the case for Last Resort, which came in fourth place on my poll but couldn't survive the season.

Nashville came in fifth place.  A bunch of shows on my list didn't draw any votes at all -- Beauty and the Beast, Chicago Fire, The Neighbors, and Vegas.

What's your favorite new show?

Meanwhile, vote in my new poll and let me know what you want for Christmas.  :)