Atari Declares Bankruptcy

The video game pioneer company Atari has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Some younger gamers today might be surprised that Atari is still around in any capacity, since its glory days are long gone, but today's home video game industry owes a lot to what Atari accomplished.  It was a big player in the golden age of arcade games and it introduced the home video game console to mainstream audiences.

Some consumers might naively laugh at the poor graphics of yesteryear's games, but Asteroids, Pacman, Frogger, Missile Command, Space Invaders, Pitfall, and others all revolutionized how games were played and set the foundation for future gaming systems. 

Atari has tried to stay alive for years, going through a number of rebranding efforts, testing new consoles and portable devices, and most importantly having different corporate owners. It was a property of Hasbro for a while and is currently owned by a French software publisher, formerly named Infogrames, now called Atari, SA. 

Does this bankruptcy move signal the death of a once venerable company, or is it a last ditch financial tactic for the brand to stay alive and find life elsewhere?  Video games are still a major force in entertainment, so I hope there is more to Atari's story still to be written.


Vincent said…
Interestingly, with the iPhone and the iPad, there has been a resurgence in simple Atari-style videogames. Also, it should be remembered that was also a pioneer in personal computing with the Atari 400 and the Atari 800.
Nick said…
Very true, Vincent. I hope the company survives it's latest challenge.
epiphany said…
I remember hanging out at 7-Eleven and playing Asteroids, PacMan and Centipede. And Space Invaders. Can't imagine my childhood without them. Sorry they've had to file bankruptcy. Just goes to show, nobody or entity is immune.

Thanks for the great article.