Discovering Shakespeare Uncovered

The six-episode documentary series Shakespeare Uncovered, airing on PBS and available on DVD, is a wonderful examination of the plays of William Shakespeare. You can even watch full episodes online at! What a treat for both the diehard fans of the Bard and the uninitiated!

Hosted by well-known faces, it is an in-depth exploration of Shakespeare's stories, themes, and characters from a historical context as well as from a modern critical perspective. Ethan Hawke investigates Macbeth. Joely Richardson looks at "The Comedies," including As You Like It, Twelfth Night, and A Comedy of Errors. Derek Jacobi exams Richard II.  Jeremy Irons researches Henry IV and Henry V.  David Tennant takes a look at Hamlet. Trevor Nunn checks out The Tempest.

There are plenty of other great Shakespearean plays to explore, so hopefully we'll see a second season of new episodes soon.