My Daughter Loves Her LeapFrog Toys

My three-year-old daughter is building up quite the collection of high-tech LeapFrog toys, all of them acquired as gifts from my sisters and sister-in-law.  They're educational, interactive, and apparently a lot of fun. 

The first was a stuffed animal, Violet, one of LeapFrog's mascots, part of the My Pals series. My wife and I were able to connect it to our computer and customize it so it spoke our daughter's name, sang her favorite songs, mentioned her favorite color, her favorite food, and so on.

Next, she received My Own LeapTop, an impressive little kid's version of a laptop computer.  It's amazing seeing her solve mazes, learn the alphabet, and "write" mock blog entries and send imaginary email messages!

This Christmas she received Tag Junior. A handheld scanner shaped like LeapFrog's other mascot, Scout, allows my daughter to hear words and music as she learns to read from an assortment of books.

Finally, she now has her own LeapPad, which won the Toy of the Year Award for 2012. Just like any other tablet computer, it offers a variety of apps already installed plus more available online.  My daughter is already using the stylus and touch screen (and snapping pictures with its built in camera) like a pro!

By visiting Leap Frog's Leap Connect Web site, we can personalize the toys and download additional content, some free and some for an additional cost. 

Of course, there's more to playtime than just electronic toys.  Today we also played an old-fashioned matching cards game, for example, (and for the record, my daughter beat me handily), but it's good to know that the LeapFrog brand is bringing a lot of educational options to our digital frontier.