Student Blogs - Spring 2013

It's time once again to share the new blogs created by my students.  Check them out and see how they evolve throughout the semester.  I'm always impressed by the level of creativity and enthusiasm that my students always show.

Behind Door 6
"Behind Door 6 is a personal blog helping me explore who I am and what I want to do with my life."

The Crabby Commuter
"The Crabby Commuter is a personal blog about how much I hate being a commuter at Fordham. Prepare for some serious ranting and raving."

The 4 Major F's
"The 4 Major F's is a blog about my transition from the life as a college student to the real world. Hopefully I'm ready."

"#RamVanRants highlights the most absurd experiences of my week, written from the Ram Van, whether I'm coming back from my internship, class, or a night on the town..."

Peanut Butter and Kale
"Peanut Butter and Kale provides recipes and tips to stay healthy while still enjoying everything you eat."

Business Casual Yoga Pants
"A Lazy Girl's Guide to Life/Appearing Not Lazy."

"DueData is a blog about the interpretation, explanation and visualization of data."

Small Victories
"A blog about my experiences working with children in the Bronx."

Lights, Camera, Classics
"A blog about classic cinema aimed to entertain youth."

Crazy College Cat Lady
"A blog documenting my life and adventures as a second-semester senior living with my crazy cat, Mason."

Mimosa's & Mani's
"A blog about laughs and memories shared and made over mimosa's and mani's."

Cheers & Travel
"A blog about travel tips and experiences."

The CineFile
"A blog about everything movies, including award predictions, lists, reviews, and more."

The Left Side
"A blog about liberal politics and current events."

Keep Calm and Have a Hot One
"A blog about plans, excitement and stress of last semester over tea."

An Aging Account
"One girl's personal narrative on growing up and the challenges she faces."

Fake a Living
"A blog that takes a break from the job search and highlights what people really want to do with their life."

Devils' Den
"My blog will follow the New Jersey Devils as they close in on their 31st year as an organization."

Read them and enjoy! Feel free to leave some words of support and encouragement in the comments sections along the way.