Another Movie Critic Bites the Dust

Print has lost another well-respected movie critic.  Lisa Schwarzbaum, who has been reviewing films for Entertainment Weekly for over two decades, is leaving the esteemed pop culture magazine, having accepted a buyout from parent company Time, Inc., which like other media giants (such as the New York Times, etc.) has been forced to make some stuff cuts in these trying times.

I sort of wish the other critic, Owen Gleiberman, had accepted the buyout too.  Pardon my snarkiness, I just found myself usually agreeing more with Ms. Schwarzbaum than with Mr. Gleiberman. I've expressed my counter point of view a few times in the past, but that comes with the territory of making value judgements.

Back to Lisa Schwarzbaum -- she will be missed.  Film criticism is changing.  Even though I love the democratization that online media offers to the discussion of the merits and demerits of cinema, the world still needs professionals like Roger Ebert, Lisa Schwarzbaum, and yes, even Owen Gleiberman, to share their thoughts and observations.  I wish there were more of them.