Encyclopedia Prehistorica and Mythologica

On Saturday, my wife picked out a pretty awesome gift for my daughter -- a pop-up book called Fairies and Magical Creatures. Before you yawn and say "ho-hum," let me enlighten you -- this is no ordinary pop-up book. It's one of the greatest, most amazing pop-up books you will ever encounter. It will delight not just children, but adults too. The wings of fairy queen Titania actually flutter, the royal cloud palace Alfheim emerges to a stunning height before your eyes, each page contains flaps that open even more incredible folded wonders that emerge in intricately marvelous fashion.

It's part of a series of similarly stunning pop-up books by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda called Encyclopedia Mythologica that also includes Gods and Heroes and Dragons and Monsters. Once you check them out, you will want to hunt down their other series, Encyclopedia Prehistorica, which features Dinosaurs, Mega-Beasts, and Sharks and Other Sea Monsters.

These are the types of books that you will want to hold in your hands, the kind that no digital e-reader or 3D video could ever hope to replicate.