More Than Just a Phone

My wife and I upgraded our phones this weekend. She opted for the Samsung Galaxy S III and I splurged on a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Holy super mobile gadgets! The rave reviews I've read about this so far seem to be right on target.  This is an amazing device, and "device" is the right word, since it's so much more than just a phone.

I've written before about smartphones. It seems as if these gizmos can do more and more, all in one handy-dandy thingamajig that you can carry around in your pocket.  I confess, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is pretty big compared to other phones, but the trend of miniaturization has been slowly reversing as people demand larger screens to browse the Web, view videos, edit photos, play games, engage in social media, etc. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note II even comes with a cool stylus, making this feel like a cross between the old-school PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants, such as the old Palm Pilots) and the new-fangled tablet computers and e-readers that have flooded the electronics market.

I'm stilling exploring the ins and outs of my new toy, but at least I figured out how to make and answer a phone call!