Oz Reimagined

The movie Oz the Great and Powerful had a blockbuster opening weekend, earning over 150 million dollars worldwide so far. If you're in the mood for some more adventures inspired by the stories of L. Frank Baum, you're in luck -- there is a wonderful anthology titled Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond.  Edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen, it features some marvelous fiction written by Tad Williams, Orson Scott Card, Jane Yolen, and others. The imaginative leaps that the authors take are often invigorating, and the execution is superb, mixing the familiar characters and settings with speculative twists and turns. 

I said before that there is seemingly a neverending supply of Oz adaptations. It might seem like overkill, but since the original books are now in the public domain, don't expect the spigot of ideas to be turned off.  There is an obvious audience for stories set in that world. Hopefully, the Hollywood dreammakers will deliver the goods instead of being exposed as frauds "behind the curtain."