Thoughts on Frequency

A year ago, I wrote an essay about blog frequency -- specifically, what's the right amount of entries to post?

I've managed to dish out a new blog entry every day, seven days a week, for a few impressive years now. As my schedule continues to get busier, and since I'm a one-man show, I'm not sure if I will always be able to maintain that kind of output.  Looking back at what I've written over the years, I'm proud of some of my posts, but I also see the "filler."

There already is plenty of talk about social media fatigue. Might people tire from my daily ruminations on popular culture?

If I reduced my output to, say, once a week, I could dedicate more time to each post.  Would that impact my search engine ranking?

I'm still going to write a blog entry a day for as long as I can, but I'm sowing the seeds for a possible future change (just like Pope Benedict XVI hinted at retiring before shocking the world and actually doing it).

I appreciate the feedback you all gave me last year.  Feel free to chime in again with your thoughts.