A Look at the New Weekly Variety

The changes to Variety magazine, as it became a glossier weekly publication, are here and the results, though mixed, are still a positive step in the right direction. Four issues into its relaunch, the so-called "bible of show biz" is a hefty, content-rich tome. It is building on its legacy as an important source to read about all areas of entertainment -- the new design pays homage to its lengthy and laudable history (Variety actually coined many of the Hollywood terms now in universal use, such as the aforementioned "show biz") while offering some contemporary design and editorial tweaks.

Each issue so far has its stand-out articles that are worth the price of subscription to read, examining trends and news that impact the business of movies, television, theater, video games, and other areas of the every expanding entertainment field.

Will it survive the challenge from competitors in print and digital? Maybe. It is currently sticking to its trade publication roots, aimed at professionals rather than the general public -- although the general public certainly can still appreciate some of the articles found within its colorful pages, from the essays by Peter Bart to the various well-written reviews to the creative, witty, and insightful columns.

The design is engaging, and the cover stories (when not hidden by full page cover advertisements) should catch the eyes of readers interested in the inside scoop of all things Hollywood.

We shall see where it goes from here.  In this day and age, the online presence will be just as important, if not moreso, than its print face.