Daredevil Rights Revert to Disney

Disney, which owns Marvel Entertainment, now has the rights to one of the big superhero characters that had been held by another movie studio: Daredevil.  Fox couldn't make a new film in time (or didn't want to invest money and effort into rebooting the franchise) so now Disney has the "man without fear" in its lineup.

The previous Daredevil film that starred Ben Affleck was a disappointment, even though I think it's underrated and had some good moments, especially in the Director's Cut.  The Elektra spinoff was another flop, but I don't think the rights to that character are included in this rights transfer (although presumably the rest of the Daredevil rogues gallery, such as Kingpin and Bullseye, are part of the package).

Will Disney now insert Daredevil into some of its other films (maybe a cameo in Avengers 2, for example)?  Will it relaunch the hero with a brand new movie of his own?  Or will it listen to the suggestions of some fans and let the Hell's Kitchen knight spearhead his own television show on the Disney-owned ABC?  The gritty adventures of a blind lawyer with heightened extra-sensory powers who battles crime as a masked avenger would make an excellent TV series.

Now that Disney has Daredevil, how long before it can corral the other Marvel superheroes that still are legally controlled by other studios -- Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, the X-Men and all their characters, such as Wolverine?  Only time will tell, but they're trying.