Darknight Performances Benefit Cancer Program

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, Darknight Productions held two performances titled Bold as Love to support the Bronx Oncology Living Daily program of the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care, a free counseling, education, and support program designed to help cancer patients, survivors, and their families cope with the psychological and emotional effects of cancer and its treatment in the diverse Bronx community.

The performers sang songs of hope, told stories of courage, and shared examples of loving relationships impacted by the deadly disease, all within the guiding motto of "boldly beating cancer one step at a time."

It was a combination of heartfelt poetry, emotional songs and dance, and powerful monologues.  The performance company included Danielle Nichole Tyler, Loreen Mathias, Dorrell Clark, Carson Jones, Kevin Clancy, Traci Timmons, Luisa A. Fuentes, Alaina Lauren, Molly Anne Theresa Gallagher, John L. Rodriguez, Darryl A. Williams, Lucille P. Loiselle, Josh Miller, Nic Anthony Calabro, Lisa DiCarlucci, Jennifer E. Cohen, Rita Mattioli, and Annette May.

I applaud them for their emotional tributes to loved ones who are gone and for their triumphant, inspirational celebration of those who survived. To learn more about BOLD workshops, call 718-430-3613.

For more information about Darknight Productions, please visit www.darknightproductions.org