Disney Promises a New Star Wars Movie Every Year

Beginning in 2015, Disney announced that it will roll out a new Star Wars movie every single year. Allegedly, they will alternate with new chapters in the ongoing saga and with stand-alone films set in the Star Wars universe.

For fans such as I who would love to see the story move forward in the hands of new creators, the news is great. The flipside danger is that this is overkill that could make the public tired of the franchise.

With a variety of directors, screenwriters, and creative talent involved in all these different motion pictures, Star Wars can arguably remain fresh for decades to come. However, if it turns into a factory-assembly-line production model in which story takes a back seat to merchandising (where have we heard that before?) they could milk it dry and hurt the property for years to come.

What do you think? Are you happy or apprehensive about Disney's ambitious plans?