Hiking with the Family

I spent the weekend hiking through some urban forests with my wife and kids. The weather was finally starting to feel somewhat spring-like. Even though the forest trails in New York might not compare to some of the rain forest or mountain treks from other areas of the world, it was nonetheless a wonderful temporary escape from city life and a reminder of what all of the area that is now NYC and Westchester looked like when it was covered by green.

It was a wonderful respite from the work-related stress and the ongoing sleep-deprivation that comes with having a baby in the house. The woods make me think of fairytales, fantasy adventures, and yes, occasionally some horror movies, but all in good fun.

Even though the trees barely had any leaves on them, no thanks to the lingering cold weather this season, now that warmer temps are here I hope the weather stays nice for a few months instead of skipping spring altogether and going from winter directly to summer. We all deserve a few months of spring glory to appreciate the beauty of mother nature.